Monday, March 5, 2012

Live Desire2Learn Demo, March 8th

Thursday, March 8th, at 1 PM, Steve Gance of Portland State University will conduct a live overview and Q&A session regarding PSU's experiences with the Desire@Learn learning management system.  This meeting will utilized the Blackboard web conferencing system.  There is no cost and all are welcome to attend,

As you probably know colleges and universities in Washington State that are current ANGEL learning management system users, are currently deciding where to go after, or leading up to ANGEL being discontinued as a product.  Recent eLearning community sessions have focused on the experiences and insights to be gained from users of the three main contenders for the contract to be awarded by WAOL, the statewide consortium of community technical colleges.  On March 1st, Patricia Wade of Shoreline Community College gave a tour and overview of Blackboard CourseSites and answered general questions about use of CourseSites and Blackboard 9.1 (Blackboards enterprise product) at Shoreline.  Last week, this week and the next (check the blog for dates and links), Renee Carney of Lower Columbia College is demonstrating and answering questions about Instructure Canvas, in use at LCC.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Canvas Demos from Lower Columbia

Please see this note from Renee Carney of Lower Columbia College:

As our campus continues to move courses to Canvas for our continued pilot window we have been providing introductory trainings from the instructor’s perspective and the learner’s perspective.  We are hosting two online sessions next week and an additional webinar the following week for the WA eLearning Community.   I wanted to open these sessions up to anyone that would like to take a look.  You are welcome to share this invite with your faculty as well.


March 7, 2012
An Instructor’s Introduction to Canvas
4:00 PM
On the day of the event Click here to join
March 9, 2012
Canvas, the student perspective
3:00 PM
On the day of the event Click here to join
March 15, 2012
An Instructor’s Introduction to Canvas - 1:00 PM
On the day of the event Click here to join

An Instructor’s Introduction to Canvas
The Instructor’s introduction to Canvas will provide a basic overview of dashboard navigation, personal profiles and settings, communication, course setup, course navigation, course content, the calendar, and grading.  It is a lot to cover, but you will leave this session with a better understanding of Canvas as a tool to facilitate active learning and community interaction!

Canvas, the student perspective
The student perspective of Canvas provides instructors with a basic understanding of how students navigate and interact with the Canvas user interface, and course content.  The overview will focus on how students receive communication, how they navigate a course, how they submit work, and other community building tools they have available.  This perspective provides instructors with insight as they evaluate, adapt, or create their own course.

Renee Carney
eLearning Manager
Lower Columbia College