Monday, April 4, 2011

eLearning Community Session Tomorrow - Finding Good Open Educational Content

Tuesday, April 5th, Tom Caswell, Open Education Program Manager for SBCTC, will give a talk and demonstration for all interested on open licensing and how instructors can find good openly available educational resources and content.  Please forward this message widely.  The session will be begin at 3 PM in Elluminate.  All are welcome. 

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More from Tom:
Here’s a quick description, as well as an outline of what I will try to cover:

Walking the Walk, Finding Good Open Educational Content

Summary: We will start with the basics, briefly defining Open Educational Resources plus a few other commonly used terms. Then we will cover how to find and use OER. Join us!

Discussion Outline:
1.       First, some definitions:
a.       Open Educational Resources (OER) are digitized materials offered freely and openly for teaching, learning and research (examples: Wikipedia, MIT OpenCourseWare, and the Kahn Academy)
b.      OpenCourseWare (OCW) is course material that is available for all to see and use (OCW is a subset of the broader OER).
c.       Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that has made a series of open licenses available to the public to enable easier sharing of creative works. Including educational materials.
2.       Why should I care?
a.       Teaching = Sharing (OER makes this easier and faster for digital resources)
b.      SBCTC Open Licensing Policy
c.       Sharing can be good for reputation
3.       How do I find Open Education Resources to use?
a.       OCW Finder (  
b.      SBCTC’s OER Matrix (
4.       I found one! Now what?
a.       Follow the requirements of the Creative Commons license
                                                               i.      In most cases you will need to give attribution, or credit to the author/creator.
                                                             ii.      Non-commercial and share-alike? What the…?
b.      What about fair use?
5.       I want to create OER. How do I get involved?
a.       Join the ELC OER group (
b.      Apply for phase 2 of the Open Course Library!

-- Tom Caswell
Open Education Program Manager, SBCTC
(e) (p) 360-704-4363

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