Thursday, April 7, 2011

Based on how people rated the suggested topics in a recent poll and the frequency with which other topics were suggested, here is a list of potential topics for the next schedule of sessions:
  • What’s in your tool box?  Free web tools can make life easier for you and your students 
  • Adding  Audio and Video Media to Your Course - Techniques you can use today
  • Web 2.0 Tools and Social Media - Who in our system is using what and why?
  • Academic Integrity - How to prevent cheating and plagiarism, and what to do when it happens
  • ANGEL; Automation - Customizing the student experience, and adding efficiency
  • ANGEL; Testing, Test Banks from the Ground Up, Best Practices for Building, Getting questions into ANGEL
  • Google apps for education – free office tools, email, sites, phone, and much more
  • Tegrity/Elluminate - Getting started with lecture capture and real time web conferencing
  • Labs for Online Learning, Techniques and Real World Examples
  • Structuring an Online Course, rubrics, alignment, and what to avoid.
  • How to build online human presence, and persona, connecting with students online
  • Online Discussion - best practices, pedagogy, how to write questions and get to engagement
  • Universal Design and Accessibility  - Best practices and little things that make a big difference
  • Self-evaluation resources, techniques and examples
What do you think?  Would you attend these sessions?  How could they be better focused to your needs?  Please leave comments.

Also in the recent poll in addition to asking about what session topics respondents would be interested in and when they would be available, we also asked them about their experience with teaching online and whether they have known about and/or attended sessions in the past.  The results were interesting and not entirely expected.

A wide majority of respondents have themselves taught fully online and/or hybrid courses:

Interestingly, while a majority of respondents have been previously aware that free, online live training is available, most of those responding have not attended a session:

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