Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tegrity Summer 2012 Update

On April 18th, following the opening general session of their Users Conference in Seattle, Tegrity shared details on changes coming with the summer, 2012 Update (Tegrity does to major updates every year).

According to Tegrity, 44.8% of students report using tablets or phones to view recordings - This summer emphasis will be on improving iPad and android experience - including the ability for faculty and students to make Tegrity recordings with audio, from their Apple iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone!.  Currently students can make their own Tegrity recordings if the instructor has given them permission on a class-by-class basis. Student recording functionality is identical to what faculty can now do: Tegrity will record the student’s computer screen, their voice, and optionally a webcam video. Recordings are stored in each individual class on a separate student recording tab.  Allowing recording from phones and tablets will dramatically improve opportunities for students and faculty members alike.

Kindle fire support coming.  The fire retails for $200 and has a 7” color screen and is projected by some to be an up and coming competitor to Apple’s iPad.

Other summer 2012 improvements include the ability to play from direct links on iOS, the ability to generate alternate formats when recording on a Mac as well as the ability to switch between multiple instructional video sources.

Also coming is multi-screen support for PC, and streamlined upload processing for proctoring recordings (now works in background).

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