Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tegrity Users Conference, Student Panel Notes

I am at the Tegrity Users Conference in Seattle this week.  This morning we had the opportunity to hear from six system students on what they like and don't like about using Tegrity and had the chance to ask them questions.  What follows are the notes I took:
Student Panel - Six Students, 3 Design, 1 Media Production (I think), 1 Diesel Tech, 1 English language learner

-- 4 of 6 use keyword searching
-- 1 uses Tegrity bookmarks
-- None aware of notes, didn't seem too excited about this feature
-- 2 had iPhones, 2 had Android, 1 standard cell, 1 person with no phone
-- 4 knew about mobile viewing, 1 said he would use, others wanted bigger screen
-- One out of six took a totally online course, one flipped classroom model, 4 traditional lecture capture only
-- None had done or were aware of student recording
-- All six very much wanted to be able to go back and review recordings a term or even a year after, as they move through program.  One student has every recording from all of his courses, downloaded to his hard drive.
-- All would have liked more how-to tutorials on how students use Tegrity
-- 4 of 6 wanted video that is currently 50 minutes to an hour chunked down

Student Quotes:
"I study with my laptop.  My phone is for quick stuff"
"Tegrity moved me from a B- to a B+ student."
"Tegrity is the reason I got a 4.0 in Biology."
"Tegrity didn't replace for me.  It enhanced."
"Helped me to recall and memorize what I learned in class."
"I prefer learning on my own, not having to wait for the instructor to answer everyone's questions. (her instructor has flipped instruction)"
"In class I often don't get it but he (instructor) has 35 students and just has to move on."
"In class she goes so fast."
"There aren't glitches with Tegrity like there were last year with Blackboard."

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