Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tegrity Users Conference, Best Practices, Advice from Students

Jeff Johnson of Athens State U. in Alabama gave a great presentation based on the 180 responses he received from a student survey, asking about Tegrity.  Here is some really good advice from students:

My notes (anything inaccurate or just plain wrong is on me):
180 students responded to survey
 - 96% said they agreed or slightly agreed that Tegrity recordings helped them
- 93% wished they had Tegrity in all classes
"Even a bad Tegrity session is better than no Tegrity session"
86% -like ease of use

no identifiable preference from students on use of instructor webcam video - if you do video be careful of background

How long videos should be 50% said 20-30 minutes, 25% said less than 20

Keep it short and sweet - get to the point
"When an instructor is excited about the subject, that gets translated through the recording and can become infectious"
Stay on topic.
Don't just read the slides.
Avoid long delays.
Do not mutter or talk to yourself.
Do not apologize or say you don't know Tegrity.
Sllow down - both talking and mousing - sometimes mouse lags behind voice and they can always speed you up.
Be conversational - avoid monotone, avoid sounding like you are reading a script if possible.
Reuse f2f video in DE classes.
Look at a mirror or photo of a person to keep it conversational.
Say things like, "Now pause the video and do this exercise...
If you are in an area with problems work through the problems - don't start with problem already worked out.
If you record ahead of time for f2f class ask questions of students you know will be there and say things like, we have five minutes left in class so let's all turn to page...
Use the Tegrity board to write on if you have access to a tablet.
Snap photos of physical whiteboard and insert later.
Be concise.
Tegrity not just for lecture capture - communicate instructions, give feedback -- (Talk to Boyoung, Renee).
Do a self-introduction
"Professors expect us and our work to be professional and collegiate.  They should be too."
Test your playback on a laptop speakers.
Get a good USB microphone.
Avoid outside distractions - you wouldn't take your cellphone into the classroom so don't have it when recording,
Pause for coughing.
If recording at home keep dogs and kids at bay.
Change dates if you need to reorder recordings in Tegrity, or use lists of links.
Make PowerPoints and visuals available outside of Tegrity recordings.
Break up text with graphs, photos, etc.
Use pause button to add chapters - re-label chapters later - learn about chapters.
Check your presentation - maybe at x2 speed...
"It's not your parent's lecture"
Tell students they are being recorded and give them a hand sign to use if they want the recording paused before they speak and/or put signage up

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